The Vision

Envision Envision yourself next to the beauty of the wetland preserve, where you can watch the sunrise and Mount Diablo in the horizon from the comfort of your home, and yet within a walking distance school, neighborhood park, daily shopping and restaurants. Have you listened to the largest wildlife preserve in North America at night from your backyard?

While you can neighbor this open space of natural beauty, you can be within a walking distance to your own place of business, where by a swing of a door you will leave home behind and enter your own commercial space that fronts a commercial street with parking for your customers. A place of business, where you can hang a shingle on your store or office front and claim your own full commercial presence. There are only ten units of this type offered at Grayhawk- a truly unique opportunity.

It sounds like the best of both worlds right? It gets even better!
Only five of these ten units have one bedroom apartments that are located on the second floor with their own independent accesses and designated on-street parking spaces.

You could live and utilize all the spaces by yourself or share it with tenants. Three separate components that are designed to function independent of each other but yet belong to one owner.
Now that is a phenomenal and rare investment opportunity. Now can you imagine? It is the dawn of a new day!
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